Annual Policies

Mapfre provides the best value in annual auto insurance policies in the United States, and we sell Mapfre Tepeyac insurance for tourists driving to Mexico.

The first Tepeyac policy we sold was in 1991.

Our annual rates are some of the lowest you will find, and our company, Mapfre Tepeyac, maintains a rating of "Excellent".
Our 6 month rates are the same policies for half the time, and the premium part is discounted around 20%. We call these our "Canadian Special" policies. We encourage you to compare our rates, then call (email) your friends and tell them why you are buying from us!

Our policies are "no refund" policies, so if you leave Mexico early, there's no refund! But, they save you a lot, and that's one of the reasons we are able to maintain such low rates.

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