Candian Specials


To us, that's a Canadian special!

The best way to learn about our 6 month policy coverage is to read the section below on "motorhome & RV insurance".
If you're from Canada, or the far north, this is probably the policy for you.

It's an annual with around 20% discounted from the premium, and it's usually cheaper than paying for insurance by the day after 15 or 20 days in Mexico.

Remember, there are no refunds for returning early, but it saves you a chunk. In addition, we have some of the lowest rates you will find.

Go to "motorhome & RV insurance", read, compare our rates and buy. Then tell all your friends where to save your hard earned money!

When you want to stay for more than 15 days, check to find out if the 6 month Canadian special is a better deal than buying a daily policy. Depending on the value of the vehicles, you usually start getting a better deal at about 18 days.
It varies!

A lot of customers insure the RV that will be parked for just the day down, and the day back. It's really rolling the dice, but many do it.

We'll sell it like that, but we don't recommend taking that kind of risk. In either case, the vehicle you will be driving will need to be insured for the entire stay. Take a look at a six month Mexico insurance policy for the vehicle you will be driving!

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