Changing Vehicles/Adding Trailers

If you no longer own a vehicle, you can apply to change the vehicle. This is not a same day deal, but we are trying to make it that way.

For now, prepare a letter in large print declaring you no longer own the insured vehicle, or will no longer own the insured vehicle of a stated date. Sign it and date it.

Prepare another page that specifies the vehicle you want to insure, and declare it's value. Signit and date it.

Copy the registration of the new replacement vehicle.

Locate the original policy. This is the part you have! Write "no longer own vehicle" in very large dark print across face at 45% angle. Sign and date it. Make a copy.

Fax these 4 pages to us. Call and tell an agent they are own their way. You will be given the correct fax number, and given an estimate of the number of days it will take, if you are faxing all the above.

If you do not have everything, do not fax yet!

Agents are not authorized to begin work on a vehicle change until all the above is received as a package.

To add a trailer, have your policy in hand, and call an agent for instructions and a time estimate.

You will have to do most of the above, and we will help if you have your policy in hand.

Watch for online forms soon that will make a same day online change possible.

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