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Let's face it. You can do some serious damage if you become involved in an accident driving a big Motor Home, or pulling a 5th Wheel.

You don't skimp on liability coverage in the U.S. or Canada; so don't skimp on it in Mexico, either!

We've seen policies issued by very good companies for very low limits of liability. We won't sell low limit policies, and STRONGLY suggest you don't buy them. We suggest $100,000.00 CSL (combined Single Limit), or more. We max out at $300,000.00 CSL. A Combined Single Limit policy covers you for up to the stated amount for any combination of damages you might be responsible for in case of an accident. Or, it could all go for just one thing, such as "Property Damage".

It covers you for Property Damage, Death and/or Injury you might cause. It has been explained to us that all the damages, deaths and injuries are added up. Including those related to your own vehicle, and sort of a civil bond is then required from each party. If you have sufficient liability coverage with a Mexican insurance company, this serves as that bond for the accident damages. Our LEGAL AID helps with bond and company lawyers up to $30,000.00 for traffic violations. You rob a Mexican bank, or beat up some guy in a bar, and you're on your own!

Buy enough liability insurance to cover any damage, injury or death you might cause! You might want to consider the $300,000.00 CSL policy. How much do you carry at home?

Read this 2, or three times! We didn't get it wrong. That's the way it works in Mexico! TRAVEL ASSIST is included on our daily policies, too! It covers too many things to mention, but you can read about it here. You will be surprised all that it will do for you, if you need it.

Fire, Theft and Collision is a chief concern if your domestic policy does not cover you in Mexico, and most do not!

You can buy a policy for just the day or days you are driving in, and the same for driving out simply by ordering two policies for those days, and a separate (3rd) policy for the vehicle you will be driving during your stay.

This is a very popular way of buying Mexican insurance, but it's extremely risky due to the danger of fire while the Motor Home or RV is parked.

"In" and "out" policies are purchased by the large majority of RV'ers, but it's really rolling the dice. Motor home and RV fires often result in a total loss. We sell these policies because of the huge demand. We do not recommend them. We recommend buying the same level of coverage you carry in the USA or Canada to cover your entire trip while you are in Mexico. Motor homes and RV's are very expensive and so is insurance to cover your entire stay in Mexico. Our rates are very low, and that takes some of the edge off. Don't go to Mexico without it. Evaluate a 6 month policy if you are from the far north or Canada.

Annual policies are best if you live near the border and will be making several trips throughout the year.

Our company, Mapfre Tepeyac®, is one of Mexico's largest insurance companies, and Mapfre® is Spain's largest. Mapfre is the same company that provides roadside insurance for Harley Davidson® and Buel® motorcycles in the United States.

We are a very high volume and we are ALL Licensed Producers (Agents). We sell nothing but Tourist Automobile Insurance for visitors traveling to Mexico, and most of our customers are bound for Puerto Penasco. We are authorized to insure for a value up to $125,000.00 for a Motor Home, up to $70,000.00 for a trailer or 5th Wheel and up to $70,000.00 for most Towing or Towed units. (We cannot insure vehicles over 15 years old for value.) (Contents are not covered/check your homeowners policy for possible coverage).

One last option is the "Drivers License Policy". It is bought for various reasons, and it is available with $100,000.00, $200,000.00 or $300.000.00 CSL limits of coverage.

A "Drivers License Policy" is available for more than one driver, so long as they share the same address on their driver's license. We don't care about their relationships or "kin". The more drivers you insure, the more it costs, but for some purposes it's a real bargain.

These policies do not cover anything else! Absolutely nothing else!

They are okay when you have fire, theft and collision covered by a company that extends that coverage into Mexico (MOST DO NOT!), and will be the only driver(s) of your vehicle(s). They cover you when you drive someone else's vehicle in Mexico (non-Mexican plated). They cover you when driving a quad or moped or whatever on a street. They do NOT cover anyone driving your vehicle, except those listed on the policy. There's another serious problem with this type insurance. It has no Legal Aid or Travel Assist included, and you should never go to Mexico without both. A six month policy for a vehicle costs more, but should be considered. Let one of our agents give you a quote for the various policies, and you decide what to cover and for how much.

Every policy we sell except these, "Drivers License Policies", "motorcycle and ATV" policies, cover you and occupants for up to $2,000.00 in Medical Payments if you are injured in an accident in your vehicle. There is a $10,000.00 cap on this coverage. One last thing. We sometimes have people declare a vehicle value at just a portion of the Actual Cash Value. They pay less for their insurance that way, but Mexican insurance companies are not responsible for paying for losses as if the unit was insured for the entire amount.

If you insure something for say half its value and it is damaged or stolen, you're going to get paid about half of what you would have gotten had you declared an accurate cash value (Deductibles always apply). Always be honest with yourself and declare about what you could sell the unit for at the time of the trip into Mexico.


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